Chat Rules and Disclaimers & Terms

Crazy1Chat welcomes you to one & only chat room where you have decent users and which allows you to chat freely & without any hassle. Our Admin & Moderators assure each & every user to chat freely without getting troubled by any users. Our Admins & Moderators take care of each and every user or their Problems. No users are allowed to abuse or hurt any one sentiments that particular user will be kicked out or banned from the chat room. Our Admins & Moderators Monitor each and every User chat proceedings in case they find them inappropriate they will consult that particular user and make sure its not repeated again.

We Request each & Every Visiting User to not to use following:-

1) Please at any stage during the chat conversation avoid getting too close to the user or any kind of untoward behavior such as sexual or harassing the user

2) Please donít use explicit language or words which can hurt the sentiments of the user in the chat room

3) Please donít use words relating to Religion or Sentiments itís strictly not allowed here.

4) Please donít discuss any thing which is relating to any Country or State or give Speech which identifies to a particular State or Country

5) Spamming and Flooding are not allowed in this chat room avoid it to your best of knowledge

6) Please donít disrespect Admin & Moderators itís prohibited & non tolerable in this chat room

7) Any one trying to hack or trying to do any thing illegal will be punished under the law

The Below list is not extensive, but effusive. 

General Guidelines/Suggestions 
We request you not to Share any personal information such as email address, mobile number, address, or your real identification which can lead to you being in problem on Our management will not be responsible for any one being harmed/ caused due to sharing your information as mentioned above Please be careful while you chat in our loved chat room.


crazy1chat will not be held responsible for any problem occurred is not liable and is not responsible for any kind of problems created due to opinions and views expressed or how anyone reacts to any content on this chat room. Please use all services provided by crazy1chat at your own risk.

Legal Notice
crazy1chat is a forum where users have good conversation with other users. crazy1chat Reserves right to divulge or disclose your personal input as required by the Law if found while using this chat room for illegal  or  causing is against the Law please abide by the terms & conditions of this crazy1chat
Changes in Terms and Conditions 
We keep the right to change or modify or update Terms and Conditions at any given time. We motivate you to review crazy1chat Terms and Conditions from time to time.

If you do not agree with any of our disclaimers mentioned please do not read or chat.
To use you must be at least 18 years of age.
crazy1chat disclaims responsibility for the actions of any visitors of this website.